Amani Business offers customised digital solutions.


Analysing your data to unearth business insights.


Connecting your business to digital opportunities.


Automating business processes for better results.


Integrating business systems for greater efficiency.


Amani Business is a digital transformation thought leader, that offers innovative data and business process automation solutions, by using robotic process automation and artificial intelligence platforms, primarily for Banks, Financial Services and Insurance Industries. Amani Business is a strategic partner to Automation Anywhere (, the #1 Intelligent Automation Platform.



Today, every business needs to be connected, always-on and ready to do business anywhere in the world. Success is about finding new ways to explore and exploit every digital avenue.

Through our subsidiary Netshield – one of South Africa’s leading producers of IoT sensors, products and services for more than 20 years – we design, manufacture and customise more than 120 types of sensors designed to connect your business systems to the cloud, provide new revenue opportunities and unlock business value through digital integration.


Business fortunes can often turn on the smallest of numbers. But how do you make sure your business is geared to react to those numbers quickly and effectively?

In partnership with IFS, we streamline, automate and support your business’s data processing, data management, reporting and workflows – turning complicated spreadsheets, functions and databases into results.

IFS is our enterprise solution for agile business. IFS develops and delivers agile, component-based software for enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise asset management (EAM) and field service management (FSM)


To get your business performing to its full potential, you need to ensure every part runs, both independently and together, like a well-oiled machine.

We can put you in complete control of your process, by harnessing the power of Automation Anywhere, the global leader in robotic process automation. This will allow you to streamline every inch of your process, using artificial intelligence to monitor performance, react to changes and maximise outputs – from anywhere and at any time.


Maximising the value of every asset at your disposal starts with understanding your data.

With statistical analysis, process management and smart technology at your fingertips, you can sift through data and identify patterns – and transform them into meaningful insights – to identify opportunities, improve processes and make better business decisions in real-time.

We have used IBM Watson and Microsoft platforms to achieve great results in artificial intelligence.



95% increase in productivity.

We enabled a leading bank to fully automate the scanning of thousands of external agent / consultant time sheets and approved contracts, as well as the inputting of payments into their enterprise resource planning (EPR) system every month. Manually, this process would take approximately 1 hour per statement to execute. Our Robotics Process Automation (RPA) now takes just 2-3 minutes to verify, highlight discrepancies or issues for action and eliminate human errors.

Consolidated 15 unrelated IT systems.

We consolidated 15 unrelated IT systems employed across 96 instances into a single instance for a gaming and leisure client – enabling a globally shared service across various Hotels, Resorts and Casinos. This significantly reduced the total cost of ownership for business systems. Not only that, but we also implemented enterprise software solutions for finance, payroll, supply chain management, facilities management, project management and environmental management system (EMS).

Smart monitoring of goods in transit.

We provided smart monitoring of goods in transit for a pharmaceutical client. We fitted every delivery vehicle with an intelligent GPS locating system that ensured the vehicle’s cargo safe remained locked until the vehicle arrived within a pre-allocated geo-tagged location, within an allocated time schedule. The system we installed also enabled supervisors to monitor vehicle progress and view the real-time temperature and humidity readings within each cargo safe.

Provided mining equipment asset tracking.

We provided mining equipment asset tracking and mining shaft access control to ensure the health and safety of miners in hazardous environments. Consisting of biometric and multi-antenna RFID readers, our solution associated each miner’s biometric reading with preassigned RFID tag numbers to ensure they were wearing their designated safety equipment and personal protective clothing before being allowed access to the shaft. This same system was also used to account for miners before a blast is conducted. This has saved lives in the mines.



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Similar to the digital revolution before it, the sustainability revolution changes everything.

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