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Amani Business is a digital transformation thought leader, that offers innovative data and business process automation solutions, by using robotic process automation and artificial intelligence platforms, primarily for Banks, Financial Services and Insurance Industries. Amani Business is a strategic partner to Automation Anywhere (, the #1 Intelligent Automation Platform.


Digitise Organise Optimise Analyse

Transform unstructured and hidden data with AI-powered document extraction from a from a wide variety of formats. The iQBot is the cognitive intelligent automation of data.


End-to-end robotic process automation and artificial intelligence platform for automating any business process using the Automation Anywhere Enterprise platform.


IQ Bot combines the power of RPA + AI technologies such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP), fuzzy logic and machine learning (ML) to automatically classify, extract and validate information from business documents and emails.


Analytics that tell the whole story. The BotInsight is an advanced analytics platform that deliver real time operational and business intelligence, with seamless integration to leading BI solutions.



Time Management and UIF submission for a Workforce Solutions Company.

Amani Business automated the collection of system generated time sheets, in various formats, for a leading JSE listed workplace solutions company, which employed more than 85,000 permanent and temporary employees. The collation, consolidation and calculation of assignee time sheets per customer took 6 employees, 86 hours of payroll processing, time and attendance management. A robotic process automation reduced the process to less than 10 hours per month. The project roll-out was planned for 1,263 customer sites. The business benefit was improved speed of execution for time management and accuracy of payroll and customer billing.


Operational Reconciliation and Reporting for a banking clearing house

Amani Business automated the verification and comparison of banking transaction fees for a leading automated clearing house (ACH) – the transactional link between many of its major payment institutions in Africa. The reconciliation of interchange transaction fees for 22 banks is a compliance directive of the South African Reserve Bank, which is frequently reported on. The process of reconciliation is mundane and repetitive of 64 steps, 65 use cases, 566 formulas and takes more than 5 days at a time. The robotic process automation reduced the processing of more than 66 million records daily to less than 8 hours with increased accuracy and regulatory compliance. This has enabled quarterly compliance reporting to take places at least every week.


Information Security Monitoring and Reporting for a banking house.

Amani Business automated the Information Security monitoring and reporting for a leading automated clearing house – the transactional link between many of its major payment institutions in Africa. Information Security is fundamental to the running of a financial services IT data centre, with constant scanning and monitoring for vulnerabilities on internal and external servers. The monitoring scan results are grouped, categorized and consolidated into a Dashboard, which is laborious. Robotic process automation was implemented to collate various system generated reports into an IT Security Dashboard. Instead of manually producing the dashboard monthly, intelligent automation has improved the accuracy, compliance and frequency of the reporting.


Invoice Reconciliation for a technology distributor.

Amani Business automated Invoice Reconciliation for a leading technology distribution customer. The capturing of supplier electronic invoice into Sage ERP and matching the invoices with associated purchase orders is a mundane and time consuming daily exercise. The distribution business has tight margins and the accuracy of reconciliation between supplier invoices and customer invoices is of utmost importance. Amani Business implemented the optical character recognition (OCR) of data from the supplier invoices, comparison with purchase orders, capturing onto Sage ERP and ultimately reconciliation to customer invoices. The speed of execution and accuracy of reconciliation has yielded positive business benefits.


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