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Enterprise Operational Intelligence (EOI) – Bryanston

Amani Business’ Enterprise Operational Intelligence (EOI) forms part of our visual insight strategy and enables a full 360-degree, enterprise wide, top down perspective of processes and performance aligned with the business strategy. With the best intentions in mind Amani Business creates automatic business process for better results and make sure to connect your business to digital opportunities.

Enterprise Operational Intelligence (EOI) lets executives and managers review and arrange processes that align with their business strategy. This allows them to ensure process execution delivers that strategy. EOI software drives these processes into end-user’s desktop functions but it is important to know that this cannot be achieved if working in unexperienced company, this is why Amani Business comes at your service with affordable prices guaranteed to give you the best results. Amani Business’ Enterprise Operational Intelligence (EOI) solution also provides end-users with a complete understanding of which functions deliver real customer value, those that are less effective, and those which waste both time and resources in terms of delivering the organizational goals.

Enterprise Operational Intelligence (EOI) is used to monitor performance and develop a holistic, dynamic and graphical view of your unique value chain. Business owners then need to define their business priorities with Enterprise Operational Intelligence (EOI) from Amani Business. This top-down approach ensures that business performance is managed in context of the key business strategic objectives & processes preventing any surprises in performance.

  • Performance and process combined in one environment
  • Operational performance monitored in real-time—when events occur
  • Agnostic to data sources, leverages existing systems
  • Model-driven Data Engine—changing business cubes does not require a change in source code
  • Leverage the Microsoft BI stack, enabling data mining and advanced analytics

Amongst other Benefits of Enterprise Operational Intelligence (EOI) software are but not limited to:

  • Accelerates the realization of your business objectives. This is done with a top-down reinforcement of the organization’s strategy
  • Provides a single picture of truth across multiple sources by mapping, monitor, manage your enterprise
  • Enables more effective management action. Increased quality, speed and targeting
  • Optimizes processes efficiency rather than creating point solutions within organizations or functions.
  • Increases organizational effectiveness by improving the flexibility and predictability of your business with a full insight into the end-to-end enterprise
  • Shortens time to value- EOI enables businesses to make better decisions, faster by assessing real-time business performance in the context of how it affects key business processes and goals.

Successful companies know that recognize that making their operations smarter requires end-to-end operational intelligence and investing in Enterprise Operational Intelligence (EOI)  and other related services that are offered by Amani Business.